Quantem Aviation Services

Services We Provide

Quantem Aviation Services (QAS) is a premier aviation service provider. We have been offering a wide array of critical assistance to major airlines and airport authorities since 1992. These services include: ground handling, passenger services, aircraft cleaning, cargo warehousing, cargo aircraft handling, fluid reclamation and GSE maintenance. Through our strategic associations, we can also provide aircraft maintenance, loading and offloading, aircraft cargo and operations, fueling and deicing. Quantem has grown substantially in recent years. During this period, we have risen to one of the industry's largest and most efficient loading and off loading aircraft cargo and cargo warehouse operation.

Our company enjoys a reputation of providing efficient, professional service to all of our customers. We dedicate ourselves to providing them with the highest quality performance levels possible. We accomplish this through having the best employees and using a strict training program. Quantem professionals enjoy working for a company that prides itself on being an industry leader.

QAS has made a significant investment in order to provide our valued customers with state-of–the-art aviation service equipment.